11 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep. Plus tips on how to start them.

As we enter another year filled with So Much surprises, opportunities, and adventures, let’s set some meaningful resolutions. It’s time to make use of the planners you’ve spent a fortune on!

To get started, think of all the things you’d like to attain by the end of the year. Then, categorize it. Surely, it all boils down to anything about health, career growth, financial success, and relationship building. Under each goal, list the steps you’d take to achieve them. You can also use a checklist to track your progress and accomplishments. If you’re still looking for inspiration on what to improve in 2024, here are the 11 New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep.

On Health/Self-care
Whether you’d like to lose, gain, or maintain weight, here are the ways to stay healthy with minimum effort.

  1. Drink more water
    • For men, drink an average of 15.5 cups of water. For women, about 11.5 cups.
    • Set an alarm every hour to remind yourself to drink water.
  2. Get enough sleep
    • Most adults need 7 or more hours of good-quality sleep on a regular schedule each night.
    • Make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet.
  3. Stock up on vitamins and wear mask
    • Stock up on vitamins and supplements that work for you!
    • Looks like every season is flu season. Make sure to wear your mask when in a crowded area or in an enclosed setting.
  4. Improve your mental health
    • Relax and reduce stress.
    • Keep a gratitude journal. List three things you’re most thankful for each day.

    On Career Growth

    1. Take classes
      • Enroll in classes or seminars (even online) related to your profession and learn about trends.
      • Discover work-related skills by attending workshops and other activities.
    2. Become a mentor
      • Support someone else in their career.
      • Attend networking and professional events to meet new people and guide them in their career, if needed.

    On Financial Success

    1. Build your emergency fund
      • Keep your bonus as a stash of just-in-case money.
    2. Aim for debt-free 2024
      • Pay off all your debts as much as possible.
      • Always pay your credit card balance in full to avoid interest piling up.
    3. Create a budget and stick to it
      • Track all your expenses.
      • Create a grocery list.
      • Avoid unnecessary expenses.
      • Minimize eating out.

        On Relationship Building

        1. Make your loved ones feel loved.
          • Calendar their birthdays and greet them.
          • If you have a budget, a simple gift will surely make their day.
        2. Spend more time alone together with your S.O.
          • Schedule date nights after work with your significant other.
          • If you’re more of a morning person, cook breakfast together and have your own time before the kids wake up.

        If your New Year goals list is getting long, try to start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself. You may also plan with your friends and ask each other to keep track of your achievements, even your small wins. We hope the list and tips get you psyched to fill 2024 with So Much fun memories and So Much successful endeavors. Looking forward to another 365 days of DELITE-ful SM Life journey.

        Happy New Year!


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